Mackerel on toast with salted cucumber and horseradish

Mackerel On Toast

For the salted cucumber and horseradish, place the cucumber slices into a colander and sprinkle with plenty of salt. Mix well and leave the contents to drain over the sink for half an hour. Rinse the salt off the cucumber with cold water, then leave to drain. Gently wring out any excess moisture from the … Read moreMackerel on toast with salted cucumber and horseradish

Seared Seabass, Tagliatelle, Langoustine & Puttenesca

Sea Bass

Remove the heads from the langoustines and set aside for the sauce, remove the langoustine shell keeping the tail attached and devein, roll the langoustine and secure with a cocktail stick In a large bowl, mash the capers with the anchovies, heirloom tomatoes, green olives, olive oil and crushed red pepper until a chunky sauce … Read moreSeared Seabass, Tagliatelle, Langoustine & Puttenesca

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