Smoked Fish

Our world famous smoked Salmon is very popular in our shop. We smoke and add the flavours to all our Salmon in the shop. After the smoking the Salmon is taken out and patiently sliced into steaks. Our current Salmon flavours include the following:

Gin and Lemon Infused, Saffron Infused, Hot Chilli and Hot Smoked

As well as our hot smoke Salmon we offer fresh Wild Salmon and farmed Salmon sold either whole or cut into juicy fillets.

Our Salmon Selection

All orders placed are subject to availability. If we do not have the fish in stock we may call you to offer an alternative species.
Unless someone is there to accept the order or not left a note to leave the delivery in a safe space the the order will be returned to the shop.

Fresh Fish available online

We have a good selection of fresh fish available to purchase and are renowned for our quality stocks.
Order online from Armstrongs' of Stockbridge shop.