We always enjoy reading the reviews from both customers who visit the shop or who rate us on google. Below are a few of them taken from various Armstrong's sources:

Bruce Mclaren

The best fish mongers in Edinburgh, exceptionally fresh fish. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff! #Theonlyfishshop

Connor Laurie

Supreme seafood sold here. And excellent staff that can prepare a fish anyway you ask.

Jacqui Kennedy

So much choice of fresh seafood and wonderful staff.

Margaret Anderson

Best and only fishmonger in Scotland, fish outstanding quality and staff are the friendliest best people.

Daibhidh MhicLabhrainn

Armstrong's of Stockbridge must be the best Fishmongers in Scotland. We had 2 very large portions of smoked haddock for dinner yesterday. They were the best smoked haddock we've ever eaten. Don't know how you make your fish taste this good but keep doing what you do. We will be back.

Thank you Armstrong's of Stockbridge.

Jonathan Jenkin Tsui

Best fish monger I have ever been to. Excellent quality and service. Love their sashimi grade salmon (make sure you order the day before).

Easily the best fish monger in town!


Thomas Burley

The best of the best. Brilliant quality and great service in the shop or home delivery from Gary and the team.

Allan Alstead

Excellent fish and first class service!

The lemon sole is fantastic.

Iain Baird

First time in the fishmongers in Stoke bridge, lovely display lot of differant fish ,man that served me was quite nice and the price was okay .Will go back + the fish was good that I had bought made a fish pie it was great. Yum yum.

Emanuele Trucco

This is truly a great Scottish fishmonger. Entirely recommended. Excellent fish, and superb wild smoked salmon (warning: expensive) in the Xmas period. Nice people too, who will gladly talk to you if there isn't a queue (there often is one; good sign). For a foreigner like myself, also a little linguistic adventure: thick Edinburgh accent which I do not always decipher easily. But then again, they do not seem to decipher my accent every time. All with a smile, which is essential!